Applications for the 2016 Graduate Program have now closed.

Stage 1: Online Application

Applying for the ANZ Graduate Program is simple. Before you begin your application, ensure that you've got all the required information on hand. See our application tips.

The application form asks you for several written responses, most importantly why you want to work at ANZ.

Applications for the 2017 Regional Business Banking Graduate Program now open.


Stage 2: Online Assessments

All candidates who meet the eligibility criteria will be invited to complete online assessments.

Stage 3: Assessment Centre

Candidates who reach this stage will be invited to attend an assessment centre. At the assessment centre, there will be a variety of activities, as well as a competency based interview.

There will also be an opportunity for you to learn more about ANZ, and our Graduate Program, via a presentation and from interacting with current graduates and the graduate team.

Stage Four: Offers Made

All verbal offers will be made for the 2016 Graduate Program by early May (Australia) and mid-June (New Zealand).

Application tips

The ANZ Graduate Program is competitive. Applicants who are most prepared will go the furthest. The following tips will help you prepare for the entire process:

And also:

Tips for completing the online assessments:

Tips for the assessment centre:

Can international students apply for the program?
Can postgraduate students apply for the program?

We strongly encourage postgraduate students to apply for our Graduate Program, as long as you have met the eligibility criteria.

Can mature-age students apply for the program?

Absolutely! At ANZ, we value the diverse backgrounds, perspectives and life experiences of our people to help us forge strong connections with all our customers, innovate and make better decisions for our business. As long as you have met the eligibility criteria, we would encourage you to apply.

Can I apply for programs in both Australia and New Zealand?

Occasionally students apply for programs in both Australia and New Zealand. To do so, you will need to lodge two separate applications.

Please note that if you are successful in reaching the assessment centre stage, you will be responsible for arranging travel to each of the in-country assessment centres. ANZ will not arrange/reimburse international flights.

I’m still studying, when must my studies be completed?

For students applying to the 2016 Graduate Program, all of your degree requirements must be completed before February 2016.

It is not a problem if your graduation ceremony is held after this time.

When do applications open and close?

Please check the key dates for the 2016 Graduate Program. It is important to be aware that different locations may have different close dates.

Will late applications be accepted?

Unfortunately we cannot accept late applications. If you are still interested in joining the ANZ Graduate Program, applications will be open again next year in February/March.

What documentation will I need in order to apply?

You will need to upload a copy of your CV, your Australia/New Zealand proof of citizenship or permanent residency along with a form of photo ID (e.g. passport or birth certificate/certificate of permanent residency & drivers license), and your most recent academic transcript(s).

In lieu of a formal academic transcript, you may submit an official statement of results. The statement of results must be in full, and clearly state your name and the qualification being studied. Your transcript/results will be verified as part of the selection process and at the assessment centre.

How will ANZ stay in touch with me throughout the process?

ANZ will communicate with you via your preferred email address. It is important to regularly check your emails, as well as double-check that your email address is spelt correctly when you submit your application.

When must the online assessments be completed?

You will have two working days to complete each online assessment activity. It is advisable to ensure that all assessments are completed in a timely manner, and that you check your emails regularly.

What if I’m experiencing a technical issue with the online assessments?

We acknowledge that technical difficulties happen from time to time, if you do experience a technical difficulty please email

We would also strongly suggest that you check computer compatibility at, before beginning the online assessment.

When can I expect to hear whether I have progressed to the next online assessment activity?

The ANZ Graduate Team reviews online assessment results and application information on a regular basis. However, depending on when you complete the assessment activity, you may be waiting longer on a response than other candidates or vice versa. If you have not heard from the ANZ Graduate Team within 4 business days, please email us at

Once all assessment activities have been completed, you will be notified via email.

Is feedback available after completing the online assessments?

You can request feedback after 4 May 2015 by emailing the ANZ Graduate Team at

When can I expect to hear whether I have progressed to the assessment centre stage?

Invitations will be sent for our Australian assessment centres from mid-April 2015 and for our New Zealand assessment centres from mid-May 2015.

When will the assessment centres be held?

In Australia, most assessment centres will be held between 13 April and 24 April 2015. In New Zealand, the assessment centres will be held from 25 May 2015.

Where will the Australian assessment centres be held?

Assessment centres will be held in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Successful candidates will be invited to attend an assessment centre for a specific program stream and location.

What if I live in a different Australian city to where the assessment centre is being held?

If you have applied for a program stream and location which is based in a different city to which you live, you are responsible for arranging travel in order to attend the assessment centre. ANZ will not reimburse you for travel costs.

Interviews for the Corporate and Commercial - Regional program will be held both remotely and in Melbourne on Thursday 16 April. Remote interviews will take place via videoconference facilities in our offices located in major cities around Australia e.g. Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide. Victorian-based candidates will need to attend the assessment centre in person in Melbourne. Please note that any travel costs to the assessment centres/interviews will not be reimbursed.

Where will the New Zealand assessment centres be held?

Assessment Centres will be held in Auckland and Wellington. Successful candidates will be invited to attend an assessment centre for a specific program stream and location.

What if I live in a different New Zealand city to where the assessment centre is being held?

If you do not live in Auckland or Wellington, ANZ will arrange for your domestic flights to attend one the assessment centres. Please note that any taxi fares will not be reimbursed.

Is feedback available after the assessment centre?

The ANZ Graduate Team will provide you with verbal feedback after the assessment centres. In addition to verbal feedback, you may also request a feedback report from the online assessments which will be sent via email.