Graduate Application Process

The application process is simple. But taking the time to prepare and know what’s required will give you the best chance of success.

The process is broken down into four key stages:

1. Online Application

You’ll be asked for a few written responses to various questions. We simply want to know who you are, your skills and interests, and why you’d like to join our Graduate Program.


2. Online Assessments

Based on your responses in the online application, you may be invited to complete an online assessment. These online assessments help us determine if you’re the right fit for our Graduate Program.

3. Face-to-Face Assessments

If you’re successful in the online stages, you’ll be invited to undertake a variety of activities at one of our assessment centres, as well as a face-to-face interview. This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about us, our purpose and the Graduate Program, as well as meet the current graduates and the broader program team.


4. Offers

Finally, if you’re successful, you’ll get a verbal offer to join our program.


Tips and Tricks

We want to make sure that your application is the best representation of you. So it’s worth keeping these handy tips in mind when applying:


Can international students apply for the program?
Can postgraduate students apply for the program?
Absolutely. We encourage postgraduate students to apply for our programs, as long as you’ve met the eligibility criteria.
Can mature-age students apply for the program?
Of course. We value the diverse backgrounds, perspectives and life experiences of our employees. They help forge strong connections with our customers, provide a fresh perspective and make well-rounded decisions. As long as you have met the eligibility criteria, we’d love for you to apply.
Can I apply for programs in Australia and New Zealand?
Definitely. Just ensure you lodge two separate applications for each country. However, it’s worth noting that if you are successful, you will be solely responsible for getting to one of our assessment centres – even if it’s international.
I’m still studying, do I have to wait until I graduate to apply for the Graduate Program?
If you’re still studying and want to apply for the 2018 Graduate Program, your degree requirements must be completed before February 2018. However, your graduation ceremony can be held afterwards.
Will late applications be accepted?
Unfortunately, in fairness to all applicants, we can’t accept late applications.
What documentation will I need to apply?
Just a copy of your CV. Your transcript, results and work rights will be checked at the assessment centre.
How will ANZ contact me throughout the process?
We’ll be in touch with you through your nominated email address. Check your emails regularly—ensure your email is correct when applying—and you won’t miss a thing.
When do the online assessments have to be completed?
You will have two calendar days to complete each activity. We recommend being prepared ahead of time and checking your email regularly.
What if I’m experiencing a technical issue with the online assessments?
We understand glitches happen from time to time. If you happen to experience a technical difficulty, email  It’s also worth checking your computer’s compatibility before you begin.
When should I hear if I have made it to the next online assessment activity?
Typically, our Graduate Team will get back to you within four calendar days. You may be waiting longer, depending on when you complete your activity. If you haven’t heard from our team in that time, please email us at We’ll let you know once you’ve completed all the activities via email.
Is feedback available after completing the online assessments?
Yes. You can request feedback by emailing us at after 15 May 2017.
When should I hear if I have made it to the assessment centre stage?
In Australia and New Zealand, assessment centre invitations will be sent from March 2017.
When will the assessment centre stage be held?
In Australia and New Zealand, the assessment centres will be held during April 2017.
Where will the Australian assessment centre stages be held?
Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. The specific location of each assessment centre is dependent on your program stream and location.
What if I live in a different Australian city to where the assessment centre is?
You will be responsible for getting to the assessment centre if you have applied for a program stream and location that isn’t where you’re based. Unfortunately, we don’t reimburse travel costs.
Where will the New Zealand assessment centre stages be held?
What if I live in a different New Zealand city to where the assessment centre is?
If you don’t live in Auckland, we’ll arrange your domestic flights to one of the assessment centres. Please note that we will not reimburse any flights if you book yourself. We will also not reimburse you for any taxi or bus fares incurred.